Pregnancy number 2! – By Emma Hawkins

If you are following me on Instagram, you will now know that I am pregnant with baby number two! I am 4 months along and I’m nervous to write this as I don’t want to jinx myself but I think I am starting to feel a little bit human again.

For those of you who have followed my Wattle Health partnership and first pregnancy with Belle, you will know I didn’t have the easiest pregnancy having suffered from HG (hyperemesis gravidarum) sickness and Osteitis pubis. You can read my first pregnancy journey here

My journey so far with this second pregnancy has been much of the same except this one was a little bit of a surprise! We had originally planned a big European holiday and I had some work commitments to attend to and then we were going to start trying for a baby afterwards. However, the universe wanted us to have a baby a little earlier than we were planning and once I got over the initial surprise we are absolutely thrilled! Honestly, I just feel so lucky that we are able to fall pregnant so easily.

Now, while I might document about not having the easiest of pregnancy journeys, please don’t for one minute ever think that I am ungrateful or complaining in any way. I understand how fortunate we are and I would take me being sick and in pain every single day (well, I do) to be in the position to fall pregnant and have a healthy baby every single time.

Once we found out I was pregnant, the first six weeks weren’t too bad and I started thinking ‘Oh yes! I am going to be one of those women who have a completely different pregnancy experience to my first!’ However, like with Belle, from six weeks onwards the sickness started. For those of you who don’t know what hyperemesis gravidarum is, picture your worst hangover, you are tired, you can’t eat and nothing will stay down if you do get to eat. It’s basically that experience all day, every day and it will even wake you up at 1am for you to be sick. Some days you can’t keep down a single ice cube.

I wrote last time I experienced this that I felt that it was an isolating experience, and this time it has been like this again. In your first three months, not many people know you are pregnant (well in my case they didn’t) and you have this constant fear that people think you are complaining, so you try not to talk about it too much. But the reality is, I was failing at work, making mistakes and being nearly impossible to deal with.

Tom was busy into football finals and looking after Arabella was so challenging. She had seen me be sick so many times she started copying me, which was both the most disturbing and cutest thing I have seen.

One of the things that gets you a little down is that you can’t just go to things or do things that you want to that make you feel like yourself. Things such as Pilates or just going for a walk around home, just moving around after Belle would make me be sick. Then when you have a toddler and you have given her Finding Nemo for the second time that day, you feel like such an awful mum.

I kept telling myself tomorrow will be better, until it wasn’t and I would end up in hospital from severe dehydration and low blood pressure.

One hospital visit I had to stay in for three days to get my body functioning again and that was my BIG wake up call. I started listening to my body, kept on top of all the medication and have made sure I am getting plenty of rest. Since doing that, I am feeling so much better.

The medication program I am on is really working. I have a compulsory one-hour rest time in the afternoon when Belle naps and I really just try to listen to my body more and ask for help when I need it.

I have had a lot of women contact me on social media with the same sickness ask about the medication. I am not a doctor nor do I know your particular situation, so I simply cannot comment. All I can comment is from my own personal experience. Yes, it’s not ideal to be on so many medications whilst pregnant, but my doctors would not give me anything that wasn’t okay for the baby. So, each case is different and you just have to listen to your body and your doctors to decide what is right for you.

During my 7th week we decided to cancel Europe as last time I went to Italy being sick it did not end well. We still wanted to go away and experience something different with Belle, so we booked Japan!

If I was still feeling unwell the doctors were going to give me the yes or no before we flew out. I was so lucky with the new medication program I was on and my amazing doctors and the incredible midwives that were helping me leading up to Japan,that I got my body right and was able to go. Yes, I was still sick over there, but I still managed to sleep and rest when Belle did and my husband was a star and did most of the leg work!

So, I am now four months and starting to feel so much better! I am now going to take my own advice and continue to listen to my body to avoid getting OP again. I have ten weddings, four hens and four 30ths over the next 5 months. So, I won’t be doing races, I won’t be in silly heels and I’ll be taking it very easy when I can and doing as much Pilates and physio as possible.

I really hope this article doesn’t scream “poor me” or that I need encouragement or support, because that is not the aim of this at all. There would be millions of women who have had it ten times worse than me and millions of women who would do anything to be pregnant and have this.

The aim is to shed some light on HG, because unless you have experienced it, it’s really hard for some people to understand, which in turn takes me back to that feeling of being a little isolated through it all. So, in sharing my experience I hope I can connect with anyone else who may be struggling with it or who knows someone with it.

I also hope (which you know I am big on) that this also shows you all, that what you see on Instagram is not a true reflection of a person’s reality.
My last four months of content did not include pictures of me in bed or in hospital. Again, it’s just that highlight reel of life.

To all the fellow pregnant mumma’s reading this, you are doing a great job!
It’s not easy, but my goodness it’s amazing! And as my grandmother used to say, there is a reason that women can do things that men simply can’t or couldn’t do. Wink.

Oh and we are not finding out the sex, but I am tipping another little girl.

Written by Emma Hawkins

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