My Birth

Hi again everyone! I hope you are all well and enjoyed my last article.

Considering in my last article, I spoke about my pregnancy journey and how awesome that was (insert sarcasm), I thought I would share the next phase of my pregnancy with you, my birth story…

I’m not going to go into too much detail about my birthing experience as I do believe some moments in life are just so special and should be kept between my husband, baby and I. However, I did want to let you all know that despite a difficult pregnancy, giving birth was actually amazing! I realise I may have scared some of you with my previous post but rest assured; my birth experience was the total opposite!

To my surprise I was pretty laid back about giving birth. My husband Tom and I only did one birth class (an express 50 minutes in total class) with our amazing midwife Cath Curtain. However, to be honest, I knew I was in best hands with my midwife and OB, Dr Len Kliman, so I wasn’t too stressed.

Even though I am a bit of a control freak (aren’t we all!), I didn’t have a typical birth plan. I thought that if I did have a grand plan of how I wanted everything to go and it didn’t go to plan, I would freak out. So to remove that additional pressure, I just decided to leave it to my doctor and the midwives. I know enough women who have given birth and it hasn’t gone exactly how they planned. So my theory was no plan = no freaking out!

Nevertheless, just because this worked for me, this does not mean it will work for you. I am just here to be one voice of experience on motherhood. You may want to do things completely different and that is fine! You need to do what is right for you.

One thing motherhood has taught me is that everyone is different and has a totally unique experience. That’s what makes motherhood so great! Take my sister Caroline for example.

Two sisters. Two pregnancies. Two totally different experiences.

Our pregnancies

Caroline loved being pregnant and was running two weeks before she gave birth! And me? Well you know I was struggling and at times I could hardly even walk.

Our deliveries

Our delivery stories are very similar – so this point doesn’t really count!

Post baby

Caroline loved breastfeeding. Her baby fed well BUT her baby wouldn’t sleep. Whereas I seriously struggled to breastfeed Arabella but she was a great sleeper (well for the first three months anyway!)

Caroline bounced back! Like insanely bounced back! It’s 9 months later and I am still in my maternity jeans! Ok it’s not that bad, but you get the point.

I could go into much more detail but I just can’t stress enough how different we all are. So take my experiences with a grain of salt and cherish the fact that you are going to make your own choices and have your own experience which is yours and yours only.

Let’s get back to my birth story….

So while there was no birth plan, I did plan one thing and that was the drugs! Yep! I wanted the epidural and I was certain of it. I’m very confident and comfortable letting you all know that. I didn’t need to feel like I had to go through the pain. I had been through enough pain for nine months and I was done. I was so done.

In the end, I was induced a couple of days before my due date. My Obstetrician explained my baby was big and healthy and was ready to come out and I knew I was ready to get out of the pain. So on the day I was being induced, my husband and I walked into the hospital. It was such a strange feeling. It almost felt like we were checking into a hotel!

“Hi. We are the Hawkins and we are here to have a baby.” Before the receptionist could give us any information, I interrupted her and said, “And I’m also having the elective epidural!”

She kindly smiled and said, “No problems. I will leave that up to your doctor who will organize that.”

I was clearly just wanting everyone to be aware that I was having the epidural! I’d heard of people not being able to get the epidural as the anesthetist was too busy and didn’t get to them in time. I certainly did not want that. So I was making sure everyone in that hospital knew to send the Anesthetist my way!

We finally ‘checked in’ and stayed the night. Then in the morning my Obstetrician Dr. Len Kliman, broke my waters and YES I did have the epidural! Tom was watching the Test match on TV and the epidural kicked in and I was finally out of pain. I couldn’t feel a thing! Happy days! For the first time in my life, I didn’t even care that the cricket was on.

Eleven hours later, the epidural had slightly worn off and it was time to push. I could feel enough so I could control my pushing and I was in the zone. Because I wasn’t in any pain, I was honestly taking in every moment and trying to remember every single second. Tom and my midwife Cath were the best supporters ever. Then out she came and the doctor put her on my chest. Tom and I were crying with love. It was the best moment of my life.

This is the quick version of how it all happened. But it was truly special.

I wanted to finish by saying; hats off to those who do it without pain relief, to the women who have a water birth and to the women who give birth out of the sunroof. And hats off to those who have no choice how they do it.

At the end of the day, all you want is to deliver your baby safely and no matter how you do it, WE ARE ALL AMAZING!

Written By Emma Hawkins

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