My 10 Parenting Principles

  1. You know your baby best. Trust your own instinct; it’s there, you just need to find a way to find it!
  2. Parenting is easier and more fulfilling when you know the facts about your baby. It’s important to understand what babies need and how they work. Especially in terms of sleep, activity and food.
  3. Don’t overthink it. Don’t flood yourself with information. Don’t second guess yourself.
  4. Watch your baby and get to know your baby really well. Take time to enjoy those moments watching them sleep, eat and develop but also learn from them. Take note of their little noises and all their individual characteristics.
  5. You’re okay and your baby is okay. If you’re really worried, go to the doctor and get it checked out. If the doctor says your baby is well, try not to worry.
  6. Choose one method/technique/belief and stick with it for at least two weeks.
  7. You can’t be the parent you want to be if you are not healthy and happy. Your needs are important too for you and your baby. You didn’t stop being a person when you became a parent.
  8. Babies need to separate from you at some point. This is not a bad thing! Every day your baby will become more independent. Try to enjoy it, it’s part of the ride.
  9. Almost every worrying baby habit will eventually stop even if you do nothing. (There aren’t many 12 year olds still using a dummy). You can take active steps to change things but even if you do nothing, it will get better with time. Give yourself a break.
  10. Don’t let anyone tell you to do something that just doesn’t feel right for your baby.
  11. Your child needs you to parent them. You are the adult. Respect yourself and believe in your abilities to parent.

Article by Wattle Health resident expert, Paediatric Nurse, Jo Ryan.