A case of Secondbabyitis

Hi. I am Sophie and I have contracted an illness that to begin with I found to be quite scary, quite confronting and severely shameful. But now, over time, it’s one I am learning to deal with and one I own with my head held high. You see this morning I was watching my second baby Florence , attempt to crawl on the floorboards. Cold, hard floorboards. Behind her I could see dried Weetbix from 48 hours ago and I was pretty certain she was inhaling a scary amount of dust andamp; hair from my floor.

She wasn’t really enjoying the process a great deal, but hey #toughlove. My outlook is she needs to learn to crawl somehow, so I suppose she can suck it up for a little while. And to be honest, I was elbow deep attempting to make pancakes (idiot) for breakfast for my toddler and I. Pancakes vs. slightly whinging baby? I’ll pick pancakes every time.

But before you go calling the Parent Police on me, it’s my illness! I’m telling you!! I promise I was never like this with my first born. He would have been having tummy time on a soft knitted blanket made especially by my Nanna and I would have surrounded him with stuffed animals and laid by his side for encouragement on this exciting new journey to crawling.

It is the illness that is making me lazy, making me forgetful, making me carefree, making me go ‘oh well’ to things I should perhaps be going ‘HOLY CRAP!!!’ to. But I think the best thing you can do when battling a condition like this is to acknowledge it and not be afraid to admit you’ve caught it. There’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. Therefore…

My name is Sophie Cachia and I have contracted a bad case of Secondbabyitis.

In the dictionary of ‘Cachia’, Secondbabyitis can be defined as a condition that affects your overall care factor surrounding the latest addition to your family.

Brutal I know. It’s not that we DON’T care. We care so much about our gorgeous girl. But to put it simply, we just don’t care as much as we did with the first baby about things we’ve learned to be not of high importance. And that’s the reality of secondbabyitis.

I’m going to give you my top 5 examples of where Secondbabyitis has affected my parenting:

  • Baby proofing. First child you’re all like, ‘we need to move this, we need to move that.’ All cords are put safely out of reach while the baby is still in womb and anything that proves to be of any ‘danger’ is swiftly removed. Then comes the second baby and you’re all like ‘Meh, if she’s not crying, she must be ok.’
  • I refused Bobby any form of sugars, salts and unnecessary fats from his diet from the moment he started solids and I held strong for quite a significant amount of time. For example: he didn’t experience the pure heaven of a hot chip until he was 13 months old. Florence? Well, let’s just say we were at a cafe and her bottle was taking WAY too long to cool down, so her first taste of any form of food was a delicious, hot salty chip in her gob. It did the job AND she survived.
  • Documentation – Something that really never occurred within my pregnancy nor newborn phase with second bub. With Bobby, I made a baby book which followed my weekly pregnancy journey. It included photos the size of my growing belly, how I was feeling, even down to what I felt like eating that week. I have similar documents of Bobby’s first fart (yes you read that correctly), his first hiccup, his first smile and his first steps. Florence… well… ah.. she’s here now. And I THINK she’s 6 months old.
  • Fashions on the field were a regular occurrence with Bobby. I was so excited to put him in new #freshkitz every day (especially for a good old Instagram photoshoot). He was bathed each night before bed, moisturised and placed on his fresh sheets. Did you know last week that Florence wore the same pjs for 3 days straight?! And yes, that included day AND night. Bath not a necessity.
  • Life well and truly goes on. And I mean this in the nicest possible way (is that possible?). Two weeks ago Florence was admitted to hospital with breathing difficulties. Terrifying, yes. Did the world stop? No. It couldn’t. We have another child who needs caring and jobs to attend to. When Bobby first went to hospital with asthma, both parents and both sets of grandparents were in attendance at the hospital the entire time. Florence’s first emergency stint? Well this mumma bear just put her in the car and off we went. No time for too much panic. You know the drill. The hospital is the best place they can be. You know they are in good hands. So off solo I went for a 24 hour sleep over while texting Jaryd to make sure the washing was done because it was a sunny day outside. Bad circumstances? Yes. Does life need to keep going on. Yes.

Therefore, to sum up. I might not be jotting down every milestone Florence achieves, or be crumbling in a mess every time she cries. I am quite carefree about feeding and I certainly don’t parent ‘by the book.’ But is she happy? Yep! Is she alive? Yep!

PS: Remember those pancakes I was telling you about earlier? They were for Florence too. SHOCK HORROR!

Written by Sophie Cachia

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