Organic Dairy Farmers of Australia (ODFA)

Is a proud co-operative owned and operated by the farmers who produce organic milk. It supplies companies in Australia and overseas, as well as manufacturing its own specialty dairy range. All products are certified organic, environmentally sustainable and produced in a socially responsible way, through exacting soil regeneration, water conservation and animal welfare standards.

Corio Baby Dairy Group (CBDG)

Corio Bay Dairy Group is a joint venture between ODFA, Niche Dairy and Wattle Health Australia. The group is currently building Australia’s first dedicated organic spray dryer. This will transform organic milk into a dry form to be used in a range of innovative ‘true to source’ dairy products.

Blend and Pack (B&P)

B&P is the largest independent, nutritional dairy processing and packaging business in Australia. As such, it processes dried dairy products for major domestic and international dairy companies. B & P was one of the first Australian manufacturers to obtain Certification and Accreditation Administration of People’s Republic of China.