Coup for Far North mums

A new partnership is helping to improve affordability of nutritious baby food in remote parts of Queensland.

The Arnhem Land Progress Aboriginal Corporation (ALPA) and Wattle Health Australia Limited will stock their newly developed Gold Care+ infant formula for the same price online and in urban areas.

The Australian-made premium baby formula is now selling for just $29.95 at stores in remote indigenous communities in Far North Queensland and the Northern Territory.

The issue of overpriced necessities like baby formula was highlighted recently with baby formula selling for up to $80 at some remote Cape York community stores.

“Wattle Health GoldCare+ will be stocked across 27 stores either owned or managed by ALPA across the Northern Territory and Far North Queensland,” ALPA chief executive Alastair King said.

“Supplying affordable goods in remote areas is not easy and, in this instance, meant the manufacturer, wholesalers and stores are all operating at a reduced margin to ensure this premium infant formula is available for the $29.95.”

ALPA nutritionist Tracey Fitzgibbon said breast milk remained the best food source for babies, but mothers unable to feed their infant needed access to a quality product at a reasonable price.

“Wattle Health Australia GoldCare+ has the ingredients essential for balanced nutrition, brain development, healthy eyes and assistance in building the immune system so it made sense to partner with this Australian company,” she said.

Meanwhile, Mr King said ALPA was committed to ensuring fruit and vegetables, dairy, meat, water and essential grocery items like baby formula were sold at the lowest possible price in the corporation’s stores.

“ALPA’s policy is to have lower margins on essential healthy products,” he said.

“We employ a nutritionist on staff as a cost to our business to promote healthy food and work with our merchandise and retail team to ensure we have expert advice.”

ALPA started in 1972 as an Arnhem Land co-operative of remote community stores and has grown to become the largest indigenous corporation in Australia.

The fully indigenous owned and financially independent corporation employs more than 1000 (84 per cent) indigenous people in its remote retail stores.

Queensland-based Island and Cape is a not-for-profit business owned by the Arnhem Land Progress Aboriginal Corporation (ALPA) as part of its mission to deliver services, jobs, and training to remote indigenous communities.

As seen in Carns Post on Wednesday the 14th February 2018.