Uganic sets a new standard in nutritional dairy because it is truly Australian organic. Uganic is proudly produced in Australia using milk directly sourced from Australian Certified Organic Dairy Farms. These farms account for less than 1% of all Australian milk production.

The precious milk in Uganic products needs to be protected and cherished. Minimal processing intervention and our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities keep this amazing resource as pure as possible – so your family can get full benefit from this goodness.

Our formulations are scientifically designed to provide your child with the highest grade nutrition for healthy development. This includes high levels of DHA (Omega 3) and  a human derived probiotic proven to help build immunity.

The Uganic range will continue to grow and support families through all life stages. Our Pregnancy and Nursing Formula will be available soon to help expecting and breastfeeding Mothers get the nutrition they need.

Our close connection to the Australian organic dairy farmers means we know exactly where our milk comes from. Right down to our beautiful cows - Daisy, Daphne and Belle just to name a few.